Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions

Driver's license

The criteria for "Driver Age" and "Driving License Year" are as follows to rent a car from the Nissa Car Rental fleet. If “Additional Driver” service are to be used during the rental period, the additional driver must also meet the criteria of "Driver Age" and "Driving License Year". Drivers who do not have the Latin alphabet in their driver licenses have to present their International Driving License along with their driving license during the rental. Drivers' licenses from abroad are valid for 6 months in our country.


Vehicle Class Driver Age Driving License Year
Economic Class 22 2
Compact and Standart Class 23 3
Intermediate and Premium Class 25 3
Luxury and Minibus Class 28 5


Additional Driver

In order for the rental vehicle to be used by another driver other than the renter, the "Additional Driver" service must be purchased. The additional driver, like the driver who rented the vehicle, is obliged to be there at the time of pick-up, to present his identity and driver's license information to the personnel in charge during the rental, and to make sure that the information is registered in the rental contract. Otherwise, insurance and insurance protections will be invalid in case of damages by drivers who are not registered in the rental contract, and all responsibility will be on the renter and the driver involved in the accident.


Fuel Policy

We do not have full tank obligation. The renter must deliver the vehicle as the same amount of fuel as the pick-up. The Renter agrees and declares to pay "10 Euro for each missing unit for Fuel + 10 Euro Service Fee" for the missing fuel. In addition, if the renter returns the vehicle with more fuel than the amount received, there will be no refund for fuel.


Milage Limit

Our vehicles have a daily mileage limit that varies according to the number of rental days. The renter agrees and declares to pay 2 Turkish Liras including VAT for each Km exceeding the Milage Limit at the end of the rental. Please refer to the table below for the daily mileage limit.


Milage Limit for 1 day rental 300 Km
Daily Milage Limit  for 2 -3 days rental 250 Km
Daily Milage Limit  for 4 -8 days rental 200 Km
Daily Milage Limit  for 8 -14 days rental 150 Km
Daily Milage Limit  for 15 -30 days rental 110 Km



Our vehicles have standard Rent a Car insurance with 4% exemption liability. The renter agrees and declares to pay the exemption fee for the rental vehicle in case of accident or damage. The tires, glass parts and undercarriage of the vehicle are not covered by the insurance. The renter agrees and declares that he will cover all expenses that may arise as a result of mistakes such as misuse and careless use of the vehicle, incorrect fueling. The renter accepts and declares that in the event of an accident caused by a person who is not registered on the rental contract, driving the vehicle, carrying more passengers with the vehicle, using the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the renter would be fully responsible. The renter knows that the insurance will be invalid again in case of any damage to the vehicle if the vehicle is used in non-built or off-road areas and agrees and declares to cover the damage costs. In case the vehicle is stolen, the renter has to present the registration document and key of the vehicle. Otherwise, the security abuse is considered by the insurance company and the insurance will be invalid.


With the additional protection insurances offered to you by our company, you may be exempted from the costs that may occur in case of damage, according to the insurance package received. The most important point here is that, although additional protection insurance is purchased, in case of damage, the Renter, must take the damaged photos of the vehicle and all the vehicles (including 3rd party vehicles) without moving the vehicle from its place, must obtain the official damage assessment report and alcohol test report from the Police or Gendarmerie, and must inform the Nissa station from which the vehicle was received. Otherwise, purchased additional protection insurances will be invalid. Our Additional Protection Insurance Types are as follows.


1) Tyre Windshield Headlight Insurance (TWH)

This protection covers the costs incurred in case of damage to the windshield, tires and headlights of the vehicle during the rental period.


2) Minor Damage Insurance (CDW)

It covers damages up to 1500 TL (parking lot, minor scratches, tire-glass-headlight damage, etc.) without the need for a police report. Customer declaration is enough here.


3) Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)

There are exemption fees under the Renter liability ranging from EUR 700 to EUR 4000 depending on the vehicle group booked. The Renter agrees and declares to pay the exemption fee of 700 EUR and 4000 EUR, depending on the vehicle group, regardless of the damage cost. If the Renter purchases this optional insurance, It removes the exemption fee and the Renter does not take any responsibility in case of damage.


Vehicle Type

The vehicle pictures appearing on our website are sample pictures. Brand and model guarantee cannot be given. The equivalent of the vehicle you want to reserve or a higher group (without charge) will be supplied to you.


Traffic Fines - HGS / OGS

The Renter agrees and declares tol pay all traffic fines, special highway charges, toll charges such as bridges and tunnels that may occur for the vehicle he rented during the rental period. Sometimes traffic fines or toll crossings fee can be notified too late because they are reflected in the state systems late. In this case, the renter agrees and declares to pay the traffic fines and the toll fees notified to the Nissa Office after the end of the rental


Findex Query

After the reservation process is completed, the relevant Nissa office personnel will contact you to finalize the reservation and learn your financial credit rating so that you can pick up your vehicle. Findex Query can only be done to Turkish Citizens with their Turkish Republic Identity Number and your mobile phone number registered in Turkish Republic Banks. After receiving the message notification during the inquiry, you need to confirm the message sent to your e-phone number registered in the banks of the Republic of Turkey.




In order to rent a car from Nissa Offices, the Renters must have a Master or Visa credit card issued in their name. The deposit is a mandatory procedure for rental. The deposit amount varies according to the rented vehicle group. The deposit transaction is not a sale transaction, it is a blocking transaction. The limit up to the deposit amount on the renter's credit card is blocked by the bank and this block is removed 21 BUSINESS DAYS after the renter returns the vehicle. It is not possible to use AMEX or DEBIT card in deposit transactions. Deposits can only be made with Visa or Master Credit cards. Please examine the table below showing the deposit amounts according to the vehicle groups.


Economic and Compact Group 200 EUR
Intermediate and Standard Group 250 EUR
Full Size, SUV and Minibus Group 300 EUR
Premium and Luxury Group (Double credit card may be requested)   400 EUR



If the prepayment was made during the reservation process, the remaining payment may be made by credit or debit cards when picking up the car. You may also make your payment in cash in any currency you wish. (Lira, Dollar, Euro, Pound)



Cross-Border Travel


It is forbidden to take the vehicle out of the boundaries of The Republic of Turkey




Nissa Car Rental reserves the right to change the car rental fee, vehicle deposit fee, vehicle exemption fee and the above information without prior notice when deemed necessary.



Best Regards


Nissa Car Rental


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