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Rent Your Car For Bodrum Now!

Bodrum, one of the most popular and touristic districts of Muğla, is a jewel of the Aegean Region with its beautiful beaches, historical ruins, colorful night life and holiday villages. Bodrum is one of the most preferred places by holidaymakers, tourists, and celebrities. You will feel like you are in a completely different place as you wander through its streets decorated with flowers and painted with white and turquoise walls. With its cobblestones, magnificent restaurants, lush nature, and wonderful scenery, Bodrum is one of the places where everyone would like to go once…


You can use car rental service from Bodrum Milas Airport or our central branch. You can easily access your vehicle by making a car reservation according to your plane landing time.



Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum

Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, which is among the important and few museums in the world, has the distinction of being the only underwater archeology museum in Turkey. In this museum, located in Bodrum Castle, the artifacts from the excavations in Bodrum and its surroundings, as well as the remains from underwater excavations are exhibited. There are 14 exhibition halls in the museum and most of the works on display are amphoras. Some of these amphoras are gifts from those who are interested in the sponge diving profession. Apart from the amphorae, we can say that the most important item in the museum is the sunken ship remains. This sunken ship remains, which belongs to a boat that sank in 1025, is exhibited in the Serçe Limanı Glass Wreck Hall and is known to be the oldest sunken ship remains in the world.

Zeki Müren Art Museum

We are sure that by examining the documents about Zeki Müren's life and works, you will have the chance to get to know him better, and you will experience nostalgia when you see his photos and stage clothes.

Bodrum Maritime Museum

Among the works exhibited in the museum; There are Bodrum type boat models and seashells collected from many different places. Apart from these artifacts, private belongings, photographs and historical documents belonging to Halicarnassus fisherman Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı are exhibited. At the same time, various events and seminars are constantly held in the museum. Thus, when you visit the museum, it seems quite possible to come across these activities.


Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village

Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village, which was opened in 2013 for the accommodation and needs of the passengers, is highly appreciated due to its wonderful architecture and location. Inside, there are many complexes such as art galleries, design workshops, handicraft shops, restaurants and cafes.

Bar Street

Located in Gumbet Neighborhood, Bar Street, also known as Gumbet Bar Street, is one of the places where many local and foreign tourists flock. Especially in this place where there are more celebrities, you can enjoy entertainment at any time of day and night.


You can make an online reservation through Nissa Car Rental to provide easier access to these beautiful and historical places of the city.


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