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Although Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, is a small country with a population of 1 million, it is a magnificent place with golden sands, secluded beaches, quiet villages and many other natural beauties. The Turkish Republic of Cyprus, whose independence is recognized only by Turkey, is one of the most preferred destinations for holidays, especially by Turks.

Cypriots from two great civilizations, Greeks and Turks, speak widely Greek, Turkish and English. The multilingual and educated people are also so warm and friendly that you can be sure that they will welcome you very well. In addition, Cyprus will fascinate you with its history and culture and will fascinate you with its hospitality.

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Love Bridge (Kamara tou Koraka)

The bridge, which is the address of honeymooners, photographers, newlyweds and couples, is visited a lot, especially at sunset, and these visits are becoming a tradition day by day. Sometimes even symbolic marriage ceremonies are held. In the middle of the bridge arch, kiss your loved one and make a wish! This is one of its most important features and it is believed that the wishes made will definitely come true. Also, many visitors come here for the wonderful sea view, taking lots of pictures.

Kyrenia Castle

Inside the castle, There are st. George, Lusignan and Venetian Tower, Kirni tombs, cisterns and dungeons from the Lusignan period. However, the most important thing in this castle; It is the Sunken Ship Museum. In the museum, one of the oldest sunken ships in the world is on display and there are photographs of the ship. In addition, there is a model of the ship, the cargo, and materials it carries.

Cyprus Museum (Cyprus Museum)

Among the works exhibited in chronological order, pottery, jewellery, sculpture, coins and copper objects. You can see that artistic and archaeological pieces that reflect the Cypriot culture and historical value are also exhibited. In addition, the cafeteria and free WIFI service may be useful for you.

Kyrenia Icon Museum

This place, which used to be Archangelos Michael Church, was restored by the Department of Antiquities and Museums in 1990 and was later opened to visitors as a museum. In the museum, Icons from the old church dating back to the 19th century are on display, and on these icons the Prophet. Pictures of Jesus and various Saints are depicted.

Peace and Freedom Museum and Memorial

The house, which has been converted into a museum in memory of the regimental commander, officers and privates who were martyred in the Cyprus Peace Operation, consists of many sections.

On the ground floor, the historical process of the Peace Operation is reenacted and the weapons used in the operation are exhibited. On the upper floor, Photographs, uniforms, and personal belongings of those who were martyred in the operation, and in the inner courtyard; Again, there are monuments with the names of soldiers and civilians who were martyred during the operation.

Sunken Ship Museum

I mentioned above a little bit about the Sunken Ship Museum located in Girne Castle. With one of the world's oldest sunken ships on display, you must guess that it attracts quite a few visitors.

The items found on the ship proved that there were 4 people on board. In addition to finding 4 spoons, 4 jars of olive oil, 4 sacks of salt and 4 drinking glasses, nearly 400 wine amphoras, 9000 almonds and 29 millstones were found.

Cyprus Historical and Classical Motor Museum (Cyprus Motor Museum)

The Classic Motor Museum, which will attract and delight people of all ages, not only has cars on display, but also facilities for renting classic cars, a cabin and a storage area for owners to keep their own classic cars.

Ford T Roadster exhibited in the museum is one of the world's first cars and one of the main collections of the museum. In addition, the collections of many famous brands such as Rolls Royce, Austin, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and many more are on display. You will also see the well-known Green Mini from the “Mr Bean” movies, the Iron Lady and the Rover P5 vehicles used by former prime minister Margaret Thatcher.


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