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Şanlıurfa is one of the most valuable cities in Anatolia, with cultural richness and deep-rooted history. It is also known as the city of prophets. It has many places to visit with its rich cultural heritage and finds obtained in archaeological excavations. The city, which has hosted countless civilizations and is one of the oldest settlements. Şanlıurfa has great potential for culture, belief and gastronomy tourism. Located in Mesopotamia, the city has a history of 7,000 years. Göbeklitepe, the oldest temple in the world, is located here.

There is an airport in Şanlıurfa: GAP Airport. When you arrive at the airport, the city center is 40 minutes away.

Places to Visit in Sanliurfa

Balıklıgöl: One of the first addresses that comes to mind is Balıklıgöl. It has become the symbol of Şanlıurfa. Due to the story it has, it is very valuable in terms of religious tourism. According to the legend, When Abraham picks up an ax and breaks Nemrud's idols, Nemrud gets very angry. He is caught by Nemrut and a huge fire is lit in the area where the current lake is, and he is thrown into it by catapult from a hill above. At that moment, a revelation descends. When the command is given to the fire, "O fire, be cool and safe for Abraham", fire turns into water and wood turns into fish. When you come here today, you can both tour the lake and feed the fish.

Lake Aynzeliha: Another maqam that has become the subject of a legend. According to what is told, Nemrud's daughter Zeliha believed in Abraham and loved him. When Abraham was thrown into the fire, she threw herself into the fire because of her sadness. The place where she fell was Aynzeliha Lake. Today, the area around the lake is a tea garden. You can take a tour by boat.

Şanlıurfa Castle: Hz. It is located on Dambak Hill, the hill where Abraham was thrown into the fires. The symbol of the castle is two columns. The reason for this is that Mr. That Ibrahim was thrown into the fire with the catapult system. That's why it is said to be supported by two columns.

Göbeklitepe: It is located in Örencik Village, 20 km from Şanlıurfa. Göbeklitepe is defined as the "zero point of history" with its 12 thousand-year history. The 11,500-year-old place of worship in Göbekli Tepe showed that people began to believe when they were still nomadic. The world's first human statue comes out of here. In particular, 2019 was declared the Year of Göbeklitepe. In Göbeklitepe, there are some sections such as museum shop and documentary rooms, excavation site visit, hologram and cafe.


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